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My wife’s grandfather was from Norway.  He came to the United States as a young man, married and spent his working years as a mechanical engineer for the Borden Company, designing equipment for their many varied manufacturing needs. One of his passions was baking, especially around the holidays.  He loved to make the cookies and cakes and breads he remembered as a child living in Norway.  Over the years, my wife has shown me the wooden box that held all of his handwritten recipe cards.


I have had the pleasure of enjoying eating many of those cookies and cakes he made and I think it would be a huge loss to the future family if the recipes were lost in a little wooden box.  My idea is to create a cookbook using his recipes as a starting point, present my ideas to those of you that are interested, and proceed based on the feedback I get from you.  Assuming I get any.   So with that, my next steps are to show you what I have done so far.

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