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9/11 started out not quite like we expected this morning. At about 3:30 AM we heard a great KABOOM and the house shuttered. The neighbor’s mighty old oak tree came down in our direction and miraculously only broke one of our roof tiles, but demolished our fence. Had it been a foot closer, the side of our house would be missing. Our neighbor’s house suffered some damage as part of the tree is still resting on it. It is a blessing that no one was injured. I am listening to the tree guys beginning to take this huge tree apart, piece by piece, as I am posting this. Here are some photos.

This is my neighbor’s house.  The tree was horizontal yesterday.


The inside of the tree was hallow and there was a honey bee hive with a lot of honeycomb.



The large branch in the foreground actually broke off the night before around 7:00 PM.  The neighbors had called a tree service to come out in the morning to look at the rest of the tree.  Too late!




You can see where the tree tore into the redwood siding.  That will be hard to replace.



That is my house and my fence. Or should I say, that was my fence.



Gutters and roofline damaged.  Luckily the windows stayed intact.



Another look at the jumbled mess at my house.



A view from the other side.



That used to be a gate.



See what I mean about being so close to having the house ripped apart?



This massive 150 year old oak tree said good bye to us today.   It, like all living creatures, fulfilled its lifetime, now to be replaced with a new generation.  There are probably hundreds of stories to be told about what occurred on this spot where a tiny acorn grew into a majestic oak tree.  Today’s is, unfortunately, the last one.  The houses will be mended and the fence will be rebuilt.  Life will go on, because that is what it does.

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