Lewis and Clarke

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With all of the Benjamin Cory Elementary School posting on Facebook, I thought I should bring up one of my earliest friends, that is still one of my very best friends, Clarke Blauer.  Clarke lived on  Bel Air Ave and went to Cory and might have gone to Hoover in 7th, but his mom remarried and he moved to Kensington which is right next door to UC Berkeley.  In 2000, Clarke’s sister, Carolyn surprised him with a 50th birthday party at The Atlantis in the Bahamas and was so very gracious to invite me and my wife Rita along for the almost week long party.  I decided for that party that maybe the world needed to be reminded of what “angels” Clarke and I were growing up together so I wrote this attachment.  We really were nice kids separately, but the chemistry together was pretty crazy.  Clarke and I are still very close, however have calmed down over the years.  I do have to apologize to Tara Burnett.  After we moved to Bel Air, years later, I got to know and love your Mom.

A bad photo, but one of Clarke and me in Yosemite in 1958. A 1500 foot fall behind us.

If you want to read what I wrote, click on the Lewis and Clarke link below.

Lewis and Clarke

At Clarke’s daughter’s wedding in 2014.

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  1. Lew, How great to see “Lewis and Clarke” together after hearing your “L&C” stories all these years. AND I love the Yosemite photo.
    Glad to see you’re writing again. Looking forward to more.

    With my love,

    Dan Sapone

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