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I was going through some old files the other day and came across an old wine label.  It brought back a lot of fun and happy memories.

My friend, Harry Soza, and I had two barrels of wine we had worked on together from grapes to wine.  The first was a 1994 Zinfandel.  The other was a 1995 Cabernet Franc.  It turned out that the Zinfandel was crazy wild and fruity and just didn’t want to settle down.  The Cabernet Franc, on the other hand, was sturdy and resilient, but was missing pizzazz!  The two wines did their own thing in their barrels between 1994/95 and most likely May of 1997.  I wasn’t able to participate in the wine making process during December of 1996 and the beginning of 1997 due to being in and out of hospitals for colon cancer.  

Once I was able to getting back together with Harry once I was able to and discussing the wines.  He suggested blending them to take both of their best qualities and make a good wine.  I agreed.

My son, Rob, 17, surprised all of us when he suggested that we call the wine FRANCINZIN.  And then he really surprised us when he came up with a label.  It showed me as Dr. Francinzin and Harry as Igor carrying the glass carboy filled with wine.  The label was staged in Francinzin’s laboratory with electrodes on the neck of the bottle –  numerous dials and gauges on the wall.  

Harry and I had earlier decided that since his last name (Soza) started with an S, and my last name (Bell) started with a B, we would call our winery The S. O. B. Winery.  Soza or Bell. 

The first bottling turned out a wonderful wine capturing the best of both in the blend.  The label was great and a lot of fun.

We knew all along that we had only blended half of each of the wines so decided on a second bottling. Rob stepped up to the plate again and created the Son of Francinzin label.  Note the equation in the upper right corner:FRANCINZIN + BRIDE OF FRANCINZIN = SON OF FRANCINZIN

We all had a lot of fun turning two “iffy” wines into a great blend.  Rob really won the Oscar by coming up with the name and the labels. 

Harry and I have been friends since the 80’s.  When we moved from San Jose to the Monterey area in 1998, Harry and his wife, Jan gave us this wall décor as a house warming present.

It hangs in our family room and is a daily reminder of our friendship.  It is also a great motto to live by especially during rough times.  A daily dose of fun and happiness makes all the difference.  

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